Introducing Oregan New Zealand

Oregan New Zealand Limited is an internationally based healthcare company located in Auckland and other business partners are situated down the heart of the South Island of New Zealand. Together we produce and exports nutraceutical and dermaceutical products in herbal, beauty, therapeutic and consumer healthcare range. Founded in 1993, the company has rapidly developed a high profile in the health food and dietary market with sales exceeding US$20 million annually. To better control the delicate health supplement processing, a state-of-the-art 8000 square metre GMP and HACCP certified processing and storage facility was built in Auckland, New Zealand. The company also has a strong position in biotechnology, supported by its expertise in Research & Development.

Oregan New Zealand is committed to improving your health and the quality of life of individual and has successfully developed numerous dietary and health products without the use of artificial additives and compiled with the 'Dietary Supplement Regulation 1985', US Federal Standard 285A and the US Specification 115b with the FDA. The company quality control is strictly enforced at all stages from the collection of natural raw material to the packaging and storage of the products which has gained endorsement from The New Zealand International Trade Commission, The Deer Industry Board of New Zealand and The Ministry of Agriculture New Zealand.

Oregan New Zealand is on the leading edge of combining the strength of technology, product development, and manufacturing and strategic alliance in Asia-Pacific, E.U and the Middle East partners. The company’s ongoing goal is to provide its customers with high quality and the flexible selection of standard and private label products is our constant achievement.