Active Manuka Honey 30+

Active Manuka Honey 30+

Oregan Active Manuka Honey contains naturally occurring activity, making it one of the most sought-after honey in the world.
Oregan Active Manuka Honey’s unique antibacterial activity is due to several factors:
Osmotic Effect – Bacteria do not have enough water to form because Manuka honey combines its sugar's components with water and bonds strongly together, leaving bacteria without a sufficient water source necessary for growth. Acidity Component – Manuka Honey has an acidity level of pH 3.2-4.5. Bacterial growth occurs between pH 7.2-7.4. Hydrogen Peroxide – When Manuka Honey comes in contact with the sodium present on the surface of the skin, a chemical reaction occurs, producing low levels of hydrogen peroxide which destroys infectious bacteria. Phytochemical Component – The Unique Manuka Activity reacts together and enhances the other antibacterial factors and works synergistically to destroy infectious bacteria.>

DIRECTION - External- Using a spatula or small spoons applies Oregan Active Honey to fully cover the wound (cuts, burns and skin ulcers). If the wound is large, secure with sterile cotton dressing. Internal- For stomach complaints, take one or two teaspoon of Oregan Active honey on empty stomach two to three times daily.

Content - Pure, raw, natural, un-pasteurized Active Manuka Honey.
No artificial additives and coloring added. 

Characteristic - Color: Golden Yellowish. Odour: Floral & Fruity.

Taste: Creamy and Fruity.

Accreditation - Oregan manufacturing practices and standards are assured by our Quality Control Team and meet or exceed local and international requirements.

Note - Diabetics: Clinical studies have shown that Manuka Honey is a better choice for diabetics than sugar. Manuka Honey has lower required insulin levels compared to other sugars and produces lower rises in blood sugar due to the fructose it contains. However, diabetics should always consult their doctor before including honey in their diet.

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