Active 20+ Manuka Honey Drops

Active 20+ Manuka Honey Drops

Oregan Active 20+ Manuka Honey Drops is an all-natural mixture combination the unique ingredients of New Zealand Active Manuka Honey, vitamin C, Zinc and others.

Oregan Active Manuka Drops is dual-action and has been specially formulated to provide you the important medical properties and to support the immune system in one effective combination. It is suitable for all age group with non-specific cough. Symptomatic relief is often sought for everyone with chronic non-specific cough (which is defined as a dry, non-productive cough with no known cause lasting longer than 4 consecutive weeks). This review aimed to assess the efficacy of treating such coughs using honey or lozenges, as these options are inexpensive. Research on the efficacy of these treatments in treating acute cough showed that honey has the potential to be beneficial for all age group.

 This formulation contains NO alcohol, unwanted chemicals, artificial colorings and artificial sweetener making it suitable for everyone in the family and for all age group to enjoy.

An Excellent remedy for sore throat, gum infection and bad breath.


Content: Active Manuka Honey.

Direction for use: Take candy 2-3 times per day. For better effect dissolve candy in the mouth. People who have allergic reactions should seek medical advice before consuming.

Color: Golden Brown.

Taste: Honey sweetness with minty flavor.

Storage: Keep honey away from direct sunlight exposure.

Packing: T.B.A.

Standards: Our Quality Control team constantly monitors the honey quality to ensure manufacturing practices and standards meet or exceed local and international requirements.

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